In light of the supreme court’s decision, I thought I would throw out my two cents. There has been a lot of emphasis, in the news regarding people with pre-existing medical conditions. I fall into that category with my neurogenic  bladder and bowel. I am relieved that I will never be denied health insurance through no fault of my own.

Yet I hear whisperings and grumblings;

1. In 2014, all Medical professionals will need to have electronic charts. Our medical information will be easy to access and the people taking care of us will have someone looking over their shoulder. How easy will it be for others to access my very personal medical history? The juicy details once my chart is hacked!

2. In 2014, there will be a prescribed cookie cutter protocol for medical conditions. So that means when I go in for a bladder infection there will be a procedure already in place for me. It will not be individually based. There will be a consequence to the physician, if the protocol is not followed. A huge fine will incur, if he/she deviates. What blows my mind is if the doctor repeats the infraction, jail time is the threatened consequence.

3. How long will we need to wait for needed medical care? Will the medically fragile need to take a number and get in line? How long will that line be? Sure we will have insurance, but will we get the needed care or be written off and be given the option to be kept comfortable?

Even before the issue of Obama Care, I let my mind wander to my medical needs as I age. We are all so unique and how we are treated is so complex. As I age, will I be treated different than a younger person? We all know the answer to that. The knowledge of the answer gives me a chill. I am a bit venerable and high risk. What will happen after I turn seventy? Will the new "JUST KEEP HEALTHY" theme the proponents are singing, take care of me, with my existing condition?

I know for a fact that now, I will get that insurance, but how complete will my future healthcare be?