Because I have a neurogenic bowel, constipation is a regular battle for me. My bowel is chronically sluggish and due to this sluggishness I feel so stopped up. I must admit that the constipation is the easy part, sometimes, because when I am constipated I have no concern with unintentional voiding, which can be an issue at work or when I am out. I have had days when I have planned to be constipated, because I do not want to worry about my next pit stop.

The trick is to fix it, but not to be too overzealous because diarrhea has its own set of problems. To combat the constipation I need to take stool softeners and laxatives. A runny stool causes my hemorrhoids to hurt more and it also causes an immediate urgency, that can be a challenge to my day.

We have had a bit of Pete and Repete action in our family.  Yes, twins. The excitement has been over the top and I am sure there will be much love and lots of sleepless nights for the parents of these little darlings.

I went along to a lactation appointment with the proud mother and on the shelf of the lactation nurses book shelf was a box of “Smooth Move”, an herbal tea. I asked the practitioner about it and she suggested that I try it, for a cure to constipation. She warned me that whatever I do, just steep the tea bag and drink it once. NOT TO CONSIDER DRINKING MORE. So that night I made myself a cup. There were no signs of relief until the second day after my first cup. My stomach started twisting and wammo it worked. What was surprising to me was that it worked a second day, as well.

Today, on the fourth day I feel completely cleaned out, but I also feel like a bladder infection is coming on. I hope not. I will find out tomorrow as I look down for the bladder infection test…cloudy or not cloudy.   I am curious, to know if any of you have tried the tea? It worked well but perhaps almost too well for me.

Apple juice really helps constipation for me, as well as any of the thick juices. I might stick to them.

All in the life a…tee hee… More later