Bowel picture

For years I suffered with rock hard stools.  I felt more like I was  giving birth to a ten pound baby than having a bowel movment.  I did not understand why this was happening to me.  I tried to eat roughage, I exercised, I just could not get away from the discomfort, cramping, and bloating that comes along with constipation.  Even when I knew that I had a neurogenic bladder, I did not quite understand the bowel was also affected by my pelvic floor dysfunction.  There are many reasons why a person could be constipated.  I want to write about the chronic ….. my sacral nerves are shot to blazes, there is nothing I can do about it ……. type.

I have read that the goal is to have a bowel movement at least every three days, optimally once a day. I do not have
this down to a science. I do know that once I understood that I suffered from a
paralysis of sort,  I began taking a stool softener on a regular basis..  WHADAH, that did the trick.  I am here to say that I am no longer ripping my insides out.  I do however still suffer from hemorrhoids from the years of trying to lay these eggs. 

My bowel is just sluggish and my bladder retains urine.  It is just as simple as that.  Stool softeners and intermittent catheterization are my life.  I can live a good one now that I understand my body.  It just took years for the diagnosis.  Friends, if your body is not working, get answers from a good doctor.  Don’t just cope.  It is worth a try!