The definition of a fistula is the unnatural connection of two aliened organs…..

An example of a type of fistula is a tear that connects a woman’s uterus and bowel……

The story is found in the Bible, somewhere in the chapters of Mark and Luke.

Jesus welcomed the woman's touch and healed her from an affliction that she suffered from for twelve years.  She was smelly with hemorrhages and perhaps the leaking of feces and urine. We know for sure that she was unclean and an outcast because it was considered so brave of her, to have the nerve, to reach out and touch Jesus.

I want to take a break from writing about my American (with all the comforts, cures, latest devices, greatest antibiotics, and medical treatment) neurogenic bladder and bowel issues.    It is time for me to consider my sisters, in developing countries, that suffer from a far more humiliating, painful, form of neurogenic bladder.  This heartbreaking medical condition is somewhat reparable,  depending on the  severity of the injury.  This horrible condition is called FISTULA and it is tragic.

This particular fistula is caused by vaginal force either by a difficult delivery or rape.  It is hardly heard of in our neck of the woods, but in developing countries it is prevalent, especially where it is the custom for young girls to marry.  When girls are too young give birth, their pelvis is not developed. The labor can be prolonged, even days.  The baby often dies and the damage of torn bowel, bladder, vaginal wall and even a broken pelvis can be profound.  The brokenness often goes unrepaired and the girls become outcasts because of the constant smell that is with them for the rest of their lives, due to infection and the leaking of feces and urine.

I have some links that give true accounts of women that were given a second chance. There are many waiting for help.  There is so much pain in this world.  Thank you for taking a moment of your time to consider making a difference.


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