Teresa: Vaginal Delivery

Dear Trudy,

I am 33 years old and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on 20th July 2012. My life has changed totally after that day and I mean it in ways which majority of parents would not understand.

I gave had a vacuum assisted vaginal birth with epidural. It was not a difficult birth and everything went smoothly until a week I was discharged from hospital. I realized that I did not feel any fullness in my bladder and could not move my bowels either. Anytime when I went to the restroom, urine will start to flow and I had a lack of sensation and could not control my bladder. I had to manually clear my bowels and it was a horrifying process. I called my gynecologist immediately but was told that it was normal. So I carried on this for a month more.

I was referred to a urologist for my bladder problems and she said that I could be suffering from UTI but results showed that it was negative. So I was put on some antibiotics for the next few days. The side effect of the antibiotic was diarrhea and it was then I realized my control over my bowels was also lacking greatly. I soiled myself without knowing and I felt a great sense of despair. I checked myself into hospital and I did an MRI scan and X-Ray as doctors suspect that I may have the Cauda Equina Syndrome from the epidural injection area. The results were negative and I was sent home with a diagnosis of neurogenic bowel and bladder.

Since then, I have tried all sorts of alternative medicines and acupuncture. I have also tried the interstim therapy where a needle is inserted into my ankle for 12 sessions. It probably did not work for me and my doctor suggests neuromodulaton to implant a device into my body. I am hoping not to do anything too invasive and I am still looking and hoping for a miracle. I find great joy in caring for my daughter and I am involved in various sports activities with my dogs as it keeps my mind off my condition. I have to wake up extra early to clear my bowels and bladder and take note of the nearest restrooms wherever I go. I have avoided travelling too far as I am afraid to have accidents.

I thank Trudy for giving me the opportunity to share about myself to the rest of you who may be looking for answers like I am. Teresa


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September 29, 2020