When I was in college I worked at a Camp Easter Seal in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I spent a blissful summer by a pool, playing with great kids at Camp Harman. There were three kids that came through that summer with Spinal Bifida. These kids were like any child you would see playing in the park. In the beginning I had a hard time figuring out why in the world they were even participating in an Easter Seal Camp. It was only after seeing their records that I realized that they just had a bit of a complication in their life that caused them to work a little harder to fit in. ….. TOILETING….. My problem is like Spinal Bifida.
It is interesting how life turns out. Little did I know that these kids would some day be my kindred spirits and in my later years,I would have total knowledge of their daily challenges. There is a secret they kept from their friends at school. There is a secret I keep too.
People affected with neurogenic bladder and bowel keep that part secret, not necessarily because we want to, but because we have to. Who wants that kind of information anyway! In order to fit in, we need to be deliberate, organized and really plan our lives, to insure our comfort and safety.

What do people with neurogenic bowel and bladder think about?

1. Keeping clean (Problems at work are infrequent. I have an agreement with the school nurse that a shower is available if I run into problems. I have never needed to use the shower at work but there if a comfort knowing that it is there, if I need it.) Showers are also important daily because of cathing and we need to be clean down south to prevent UTI’s.
2. Daily stool softener.
3. Eat and Toilet at regular times(Because of my job at a school, I even have bells to give me a routine for the day it all works great)

Have a good weekend, More later…