Did you know that 75% of women will get a yeast infection sometime in their lives?  A burning labia is a reason to visit a doctor….or is it?

As a woman with a neurogenic bladder I tend to pay close attention to my body.  Recently my urine
started to smell a bit like ammonia.  I did not feel the tightness I feel when I start a full blown bladder infection and my urine was not cloudy so I did not call my urologist.   I decided to try drinking buckets of water.  Along with my strong urine smell my labia was burning.  It was so darn sore and felt red hot. The itching to that area of my body was very intense.  The discomfort was beyond distracting and I was ready for some relief.  My water consumption did not seem to help.   Two days of suffering went by until I had this bright idea…( I know what you are thinking, a doctor would have been a bright idea, but you need to remember that I am not to willing to take antibiotics unless I really have to because I run the risk of becoming resistant) ….I applied a topical hormone and I am not kidding it did the trick. I am not sure why it did the trick.  Because I use a catheter to pee, urine does not really touch my labia so I am not sure why my strong urine smell went along with the intense burning.  Perhaps I started feeling so much better because I found a cream to soothe the area  begin the healing.   It gave that area of my body a bit of a rest and relief.  Maybe the hormone cream helped the PH.  I just don’t know…  The application of the hormone cream along with my watered down urine, helped and I got a chance to heal.  I am no longer uncomfortable down south.  SO THANKFUL FOR THAT!

 All this makes me wonder;

1. Is my urine more prone to extra bacteria because I cath on a regular basis?
2. Am I in a bit of a risk if I do not drink lots of water?
3. What was going on anyway? Why did my ammonia smelling urine go along with my burning labia?

What are other reasons for burning labia anyway? Perhaps it was more than my extra strong urine. We are delicate machines and I know for sure that my PH was out of wac it was either too acidic or alkali.

What causes burning labia?

  1.  Strong smelling urine.
  2. Yeast infections
  3. Candida
  4. Having a weak immune system
  5. Diets that are high in sugar, wheat, alcohol
  6. Thrush
  7. Using a harsh soap
  8. Not getting enough air down there, consider cotton undies
  9. Keep that area clean and avoid harsh soap
  10. 10.Watch out for sexually transmitted diseases

As a last ditch effort I applied a cream that is for a hormone application to the vaginal area. I should use it a couple times a week anyway, but to be honest,  I forget. The barrier worked and the burning sensation of my labia went away. I did not have to call my doctor’s office because after I started drinking buckets of more water and applied the hormone cream I felt better.   Those two things did the trick.    Often antibiotics are prescribed for labia discomfort.   I got a”get out of jail free pass” that time.  I was lucky because my pain was short lived and now I am totally fine.

I hope this helps,

Love, Trudy

More later…..