Fifty five and older

Frequent bladder infections

Men more than women

Pink rosy urine 

My bladder frequently hurts.  Usually it is most bothersome during and after a bladder infection.   My bladder pain starts to feel better if I carry a jug of water around and just drink and drink.  When I feel a bladder infection coming on I am afraid to take something for the pain because I want a clear idea of what I have and I don't want to mask my symtoms. But when I do take something, I take a medication called Phenazopyridine.  It turns my pee dark orange and will stain the toilet seat if I am not careful,  but it totally does the job.   It does however make me tired so I can only take it a night.   It is suprising to me how advil does nothing for my bladder pain.   You see I am not a doctor or medical professional.   I should have paid attention in my physiology class as an undergraduate, perhaps then I would even have a remote idea, as to why my body does what it does.  

I do know however that a painful bladder is a symtom of bladder cancer and frequent bladder infections can cause it.   Now before I start sounding like a hypchondriac, you need to know that I do not spend my days thinking about bladder cancer.   It is just something I thought I should write about because it happens.  

More later…