Our home is blessed with a full house at times. We have four generations that live close, some living together, and enjoying life, well I do not want to sound to Polly Anna-
ish…most of the time. I love them through thick and thin, they help me better understand  myself.  We have common stories, we have a secret code and most of the time I do not have to say a word for my thoughts to become a statment about what I am thinking.  I can be really upset or mad and one of out kids will say, "are you mad Mom?"knowing full well I am about ready to blow a casket.  It is all this dance of life we do.  I consider myself so fortunate to share my life with people who have taught me humility and that love really does conquer all.

 My husband went from not being able to even verbalize the words poop and pee to really being able to wrap his mind around it. Not long ago he said he had a conversation with a friend about his grandmother. The friend shared with my husband that his grandmother was stressed about not being able to use the toilet, to which my husband casually suggested that she learn to use a catheter. I am sure my husband’s friend was surprised by that completely logical response. I was very pleased that he felt comfortable suggesting the idea and I am sure that he was pleased to offer a suggestion.

My grown children do not care nor do they read my blog or so they say. I believe them. They are busy with jobs, soccer teams and the hustle bustle of life with young families.

My sweet grandson frequently visits and often plays with the blocks in my office, reads or plays solitary on my I pad, while I sit at my computer. He is reading now so I wonder if he will ever wander over and read what I write. Of course I will let him read, I look forward to the time we talk about what a neurogenic bladder and bowel are. Perhaps he will have a new take on potty humor that is rampid with kids his age. Perhaps he will never grow up with a stigma of bladder and bowel issues being something more wrong than say a broken bone.

 My eighty six year old mother lives with me. Often as I sit at the computer or start to collect my thoughts, my mother will shuffle in and show me something or just share a sweet thought about her day. She has no idea I write this blog. She is so upset by my medical condition that we just do not talk about it. Sometimes when I write, it goes like this… The pain I experiences with my bowel HONEY HAVE YOU EATEN YOUR FRUIT FOR BREAKFAST? Has another exper..I THINK WE SHOULD GO TO COSTCO TODAY, WE ARE OUT OF SPINICH…experience? We nee..I THINK I WILL WRITE A LETTER TO INA need a support system….ARE YOU BUSY HONEY?

We all have something grand to add to the scheme of things. Thank you family both here and in blog-ville. You all add so much to my life!