Imagine the shock, when I learned, that after chugging down my morning disgusting, foul tasting, B12 supplements, mixed with other vitamins every morning,  that I was not retaining the nutrients I needed.    My B12 deficiency was not mentioned or even checked by my doctors.  It was not until my husband drug me to a Performance Medicine clinic that, after blood testing, it was revealed that  I was plagued by an  inability to retain B12,  zinc and other nutrients.   I have been tested for Celiac disease and that is not the reason for my B12 deficiency.   I have been reading articles about the connection between the absorption and malabsorption of B12,   and the effects on the lives of people like me.  There is a significant  connection between B12 absorption and bladder issues.

If I were to GUESS, (please REMEMBER I am NOT a medical provider) it might have to do with the chronic infection  causing the lack of absorption of B12.  Or is it because of something else?  I am not sure why, it just is.  All this reveals  the disconnect in the medical community and the willingness to watch us live substandard lives, instead of full rewarding healthy, feeling good in our skin, lives.
The one medical fact, I do know, is that the lack of B12 is listed as a CAUSE of neurogenic bladder. What came first the chicken or the egg?

Once a person is diagnosed  a neurogenic bladder, does it not make sense to fight like crazy to keep those B12 levels up?   How about keeping symptoms  from getting worse?
Do I need to expect other areas of my life to go south as well?  Let me expound…. When a person has a neurogenic bladder, why is it not a normal and expected to  test for us to see how our B12 levels?    As I read about diabetic neuropathy or multiple sclerosis, it will frequently pair the symptoms of neurogenic bladder and bowel with B12 deficiency, yet nothing is mentioned or tested for the lack of what I need.   Even after I ingested B12,  my body was not maintaining any sort of B12 or zinc levels.  Sure we have a neurogenic bladder and bowel, but WHY do we sometimes feel the way we do?  Will my health deteriorate  further, if my body is not absorbing the nutrients I need?


Symptoms of a B12 deficiency can be seen is many ways.   Here are some.  It can also occur in the nervous system. If left untreated,  the disconnect can result in permanent nerve damage. Symptoms can include numbness, tingling  in the hands and feet, unsteadiness, difficulty walking, confusion, depression, memory loss, dementia and neurogenic bladder.

My question is this; why do I have to have a neurogenic bladder and bowel and feel lousy too? Why can't I feel like Napolean did when he met Josephine?

If there is something I lack, why not get what I need? Sometimes I get so frustrated because I need to always be on the defensive.  I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Why not go on the offensive and take that ball  and run as fast as I can.  We need good coaches, not team medics.   

I started taking my B12 injections every day for a week. Now I am on a weekly schedule. I get the vials and syringes from the pharmacy and my husband injects my thigh. EASY
I know what you are asking…does it make a difference?? Yes it does.

I take zinc supplements and others,  as well.
I am told that the zinc helps my body fight off infection.  Since I am prone to bladder infections I am happy to get any help I can.  My zinc levels are not what they should be yet and I know that I need to be careful about ingesting too much.   What I am doing to improve my health is monitored by a doctor.  Finding that medical professional is the key.  It took me my lifetime to find a doctor that was on the other end of medicine, meaning that she treats my  body in the hope of doing great things instead of taking care of a problem.  I am glad I found Dr,  Cooper.

I feel like a healthy woman now…Most of the time..
More later…