I have flown a couple times this month and I have a new public enemy number one.  The airport toilet flush system has caught me off guard.  The trigger for the flush is set off by the motion of my hand, inside the toilet bowl, while I cath.  When this happens I get an unhealthy dose of toilet water spray, not good for me when I am trying to stay as clean as possible down south.  I will write a note for the airport suggestion box.

To Whom it may Concern,

My life was jeopardized today not by a malfunctioning airplane , bomb or unruly child but by a spray that could just as easily end my life.  Because I self cath to urinate I set off the instant flushing motion .  I am sure women using a tampon do the same thing.  Not sure who set the automatic trigger there, but it is not working for me.

 The sign in the stall telling me the recycled water is used for the flush system certainly does not tempt me to go near the water, but does that mean then that  I am in further danger when I get an unwanted shower?

Please change the location of the motion detector. 

Thank you, Trudy Triumph