Dear Trudy,Photo #4

Hello all. I am a XX year old woman recently diagnosed with Neurogenic Bladder. I have a long history of UTI’s and urine retention which I chose to ignore for way to long. So now I am left with a bladder that does not contract at all. I have no neurological issues, feel healthy otherwise. But am told I need to self cath for life. I am looking for some inspiration from some women that have the same problem. The day to day is killing me emotionally. Any positive input would be great as I am new to this!

I assume you self cath….for how long have you been doing this?   Fortunately I have been infection free for a while.  Beside the normal bacteria in my urine from the self cathing.  All 3 Dr’s I have seen said that is normal and as long as I have no symptoms of infection I am good to go.  So fingers crossed that it continues this way.  I want to lead a normal life again, although it is now a new normal.

As far as the antidepressants, I really just started them so I have a feeling it will be a while before I am off them.  I was never depressed a day in my life.  The actual anxiety is what kills me.  My ultimate wish is to be this strong woman that prevails and continues a normal existence.  But I know it will take time.

I am sure this is all in your book which I purchased on Amazon yesterday.  But just looking for the inspiration….so for that I thank you!  Just your responding to me is huge!

Dear Friend,

You are exactly who I write the book for.  I wrote it for me too. We women who have questions and are searching. I hope you will find answers. When I was first diagnosed my burning question was how did this happen to my body?? You will find all of the causes that we could find. When you see all the causes you must understand that you are not alone, unfortunately you have a condition that many choose not to talk about.

Let’s start a conversation.

The depression will get better for you I hope, it did for me.  I have a whole depression chapter in my book.  It is a grieving you need to do.  You have lost something and you are feeling the loss.  Someday I hope you will wake up and feel like it is your new normal.  Please seek help. Being alone with your despair is not good. Share with your doctor and someone close to you.

It does not make the bladder infection pain go away or the inconvenience any easier, I know.  Greif is hard,

“Watch your way then, as a cautious traveler; and don’t be gazing at that mountain or river in the distance, and saying ‘How shall I ever get over them?’ but keep to the present little inch that is before you, and accomplish that in the little moment that belongs to it.  The mountain and the river can only be passed in the same way; and, when you come to them, you will come to the light and strength that belong to them. ” – M.A. Kelty

“The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway

Healing Path Quotes

Let me tell you what I started doing.  My kidneys are not doing so well because of my back to back infections.  I experienced depression, as well, that was heard to shake, not long ago. So on Sunday evening I started serving food at the local homeless shelter.  I am not kidding this is better than anything for my depression. This simple volunteer job has helped me with feeling appreciation for all that I have, and helps me to take my mind off my body.

I hope you will find a solution for yourself and find what works for you.  Most important is, do not give up.