None of my four children admits to reading this blog so I am probably safe, but for this next writing there need to be a disclaimer…………………..

So…………………….If you are one of my four children you might want to stop reading this post now.



To be honest I have had a bit of a problem feeling sexy since I have started cathing.  It is not like being on your period and using a tampon for 5 days.  It is forever, every day. I have a lot of action down there, if you know what I mean. The action is not recreational but there is defiantly something going on.

Because of my neurogenic bladder I get bladder infections. So much of the medical advice says that if you get frequent bladder infections you should pee after intercourse. I suppose to flush out the bacteria. Well what if you have to catheterize yourself every time you pee? How does that help? Does sex make things worse?  It is a bit of a mind game that goes on in MY MIND.  I am a happily married woman.  How do I come to terms with all of this?

I have to admit that after I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder I was afraid to have sex. It took all I had to put a smile on my face and tell myself, "You are sexy!"  Because I was new to using a catheter I was sore down south anyway, and the last thing I wanted was any sort of action. During a time that was very traumatic, I was losing grip on the picture I once had of myself, which was a healthy, active, sexy wife.

When my husband got that sparkle in his eye, I wanted to cry.   I felt broken and already used.  Perhaps I felt raped already by these stupid catheters and I did not really want to traumatize myself further.

I love my husband and he loves me.  Instead of being pouty because of the rejection he patiently , and I cannot emphasize enough, patiently, pressed on.  I was so afraid of getting sicker.  I felt like I had already given at the office, so leave me alone.  I was afraid of getting a bladder infection from just having sex.   It was the worst sort of mind game.

Now listen to this girls: this is the best part…Did the bells and whistles go off when we did?? Yes mam, **thank you mam**, they did**.   My husband was patient and together we worked through my fearful attitude.

I use a hormone that I put in my vagina every night.  Because I am post-menaposal, this helps make the skin labia area thicker and healthier.  It wards off infection and also helps with my arousal. 

Just remember; where there is a will, there is a way.  My marriage is important to me.  It is worth pushing through to the other side.

I hope this post helps someone. It has not been easy to write.

 Love, Trudy

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Sexual Dysfunction with spinal injury and or Neurogenic Bladder  3/22/12