As a person with a neurogenic bladder and bowel, I am familiar with a wide variety of symptoms that people like me can live with when they have a bladder and bowel that misbehaves. Leakage of urine or feces happens anytime and knowing about adult protection is essential to fitting in, if you know what I mean. Adult diapers are a common necessity with many persons dealing with a neurogenic bladder and bowel that have significant issues with day and nighttime control. In selecting an adult diaper three things should always be thought of…

1. The fit;

Make sure when you buy an adult diaper that it is gender appropriate.  The search for the perfect adult diaper is daunting because there is a fine line between the protection needed without the bulk showing under your clothes. Some adult diapers crackle and make noise, who wants that distraction.
I bought diapers once. I thought that if I went for a long walk they would protect me from soiling myself. The brand I bought did no good. The fit was not correct and they were just too stiff and loose around my legs, in the end they did little to protect my clothes.
For many, the biggest concern is to be discrete.  We do not want the bulk of the nappie to be visable at all.  A sure way to help in the fit area is to wear a pair of your own underwear over your diaper, doing this will help smooth the surface so your clothes will fit.

2. The absorption

The quality of the diaper;
Diapers are not the only thing that absorb. How about a sanitary napkin?

3. The cost;

Adult diapers are so expensive that after a person has invested in a box that does not work out it can be a problem.
Often to get our devices and other medical and hygiene supplies we are at the mercy of sales people. They will try to sell us their product, instead of giving us the best for us.
I put the word out to some of my neurogenic bladder and bowel friends and this is what they suggested. It is always a good idea to ask for a sample of what you are wanting to order.  Many on-line companies will accommodate.

Recommend by others;

1. Leak Master Adult All In One
Found at

• Trim cut for a less bulky fit

• Genuine US Made

• Proven Strength and Durability

• Built in laundry tabs to keep hook and loop closures from sticking or gathering lint.
• Order 4 or more and save $4.00 per diaper.

2. Wellness briefs
WELLNESS BRIEF® adult diapers use super-absorbent Incontek® technology, which makes these disposable side tape incontinence briefs the driest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly adult diaper brief available.

This is the most absorbent diaper we offer and is perfect for overnight use, travel or any time the wearer needs to go long periods of time without changes.
The Unique Wellness Brief® is designed using the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs), developed by NASA, are. The Unique Wellness Brief® can fully absorb up to 87 ounces (2.6 liters) of liquid and pulls it away from the skin, leaving little opportunity for skin irritation and infection. This disposable brief is more cost effective than other similar briefs because only 3 changes per day are needed to prevent rashes and infections. The Wellness Brief® is odor-free and latex-free and has a built-in wetness indicator. The cost, ease of use and performance of this side tape brief makes it a wise choice for the caregiver. Briefs are sold in cases of 60 (3 packs of 20). This item ships Monday-Thursday before 2 PM ET .This product is not returnable if opened, unless defective.

3.  Someone also recommended Wal-Mart.  I saw lots of brands there so I do not know what to say about that one.  Perhaps after this post others can add helpful tips.

People with a neurogenic bladder are not the only people who use adult diapers.  When I was doing reaearch for this post I read several articals about Japaneese women using them on the work place so thay would not have to leave their jobs.

Check this out!