My name is Trudy. I am a wife, mother and teach at the local high school so I keep busy! I have a health issue that I want to write about, a spinal cord injury that most likely affects my bladder, bowel and causes numbness in my right leg and the top of my foot. I say most likely, because I am not exactly sure why I have a neurogenic bladder. I want to explore the possible reasons. Evidently several of my muscles and nerves are not working together, they are a bit out of sync when it comes to tightning and relaxing so I miss the urgency to pee. I do not have the sensation in my bladder to know when it is full and I am unable to empty my bladder normally. I need to self cath every few hours. The sensations I feel with a full bladder are pain on my right side or if it is really full, a feeling of nausea. I am not sure how my neurogenic bladder occurred. I have been diagnosed since 2011.

Before I was diagnosed I with urinary retention relieving myself was complicated. Little did I know that there was a balloon inside me. For years I struggled with the discomfort of this happening, not knowing what the problem was. Now that I know I am trying to learn more about this condition.

I also have a neurogenic bowel.

I decided to start blogging to share my experiences and exchange ideas with other active women and those who are going through or are interested in these issues. I lead a full life and sometimes my schedule needs to be thought out and organized to cope with my health issues. Many people do not know I have a neurogenic bowel and bladder, yet I realize there are many people with the same symptoms, such as a flaccid bladder, a need for intermittent catheterization (at least five times a day), and stool softeners to allow for regular bowel movements, frequent bladder infections, toileting issues, and at times bladder discomfort.

I know what you are thinking, yes I know, this subject is taboo. The topic makes people uncomfortable. THIS IS ME.

I am sincerely interested in your feedback and would love to hear about your own experiences and challenges. Do you feel isolated? What are your feelings? Do you want someone to share your world? What are your coping strategies? I am interested in hearing from people who live a life similar to mine.
This is my story, I am eager to hear yours.

Julia, the Biosleuth


Hi. I’m the Biosleuth – I am a researcher by education and training – initially in the lab and then as a reference librarian. I have worked in non-profit and biopharmaceutical research and development sectors, as well as in clinical, academic and public settings. Currently, I contract/consult with clients who need comprehensive relevant information to drive decision making.

Trudy and I are good friends and because of my background and interest in public health and therapeutics development, she eventually took me into her confidence. Trudy asked me to collaborate with her on a project and a portion of it will entail me periodically joining her on the Neurogenic Bladder blog to research questions that are posed. I am honored to be a part of her project, as she seeks answers with tireless energy and so willingly shares them with the community.

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