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            Did you know that you can watch older Dr. Oz TV shows by going to and putting in Dr. Oz and writing in the subject you are interested in?  Try it, you might learn something new!

           A major frustration women have that suffer from incontinence is finding the best protection for what is needed.  Because of the blog and the support groups I am in, I have heard about a lot of voiced pain and frustration from gals dealing with finding the right product to help with what can be bowel and bladder leakage or a full flood.  

           Dr. Oz did this whole show on identifying incontinence. He called it the number one health secret that women keep.  

He identified two major causes of incontinence:

        Stress incontinence which is the most common reason, is caused by weak muscles due to childbirth muscles and being overweight, were his examples.   

        Urge incontinence is caused by nerves that don’t work so well due to diabetes, and other neurologically damaging situations.  He gave a brief summary as to what to do.  He said Kegel exercises, weight loss, and that magnesium helps relax the bladder; magnesium can be found in pumpkin seeds.

        He let the cat out of the bag.  Through the show we learned that not only Grandma had incontinence but shockingly the woman you played tennis with or your young friend had a problem when she sneezed.  He talked the talk but perhaps only took us on a very short walk in explaining  how many women suffering from incontinence, suffer isolation.   I applaud him for taking the time to air on the subject.   But do you know, the entire time watching the show I thought “great” we are talking about “it” Do you know that after the hype, nothing was given for what next.  Sure 80% of women have this type of problem; come on Dr. Oz, What do we do??  If the Kegel exercises and pumpkin seeds don’t work, then what? Where do we get what we need?  What type of product do I use?  Many of us have broken parts.  I know in my case there is no going back.  That part of my body is permanently paralyzed.  So any of the cures he suggested would not work for me.

Finding what I need is key!

    He did another show on Fecal incontinence and it was full of tips.  I liked that one better.

Managing Fecal Incontinence

1.  Anti-Diarrhea Tablets

2.  Super Absorbent Pads

3.  Oral Fecal Deodorant


Thanks, Dr. Oz

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