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Calling all Underactive Bladder Patients!

Stanford Biodesign 2Hi All,

Not long ago I was contacted by some doctors from Stanford, who are interested in connecting with those of us that have an underactive bladder.  I tried to get the scoop, but was told it was a secret for a while.  I am passing this along in case you are interested in contacting them.  If you do decide to help these fine folks, please let me know how it goes.  I told them that I might be interested too, after I found out what they were working on.  The underactive bladder is a real problem for many and it seems there is interest in helping us, thank God.

I wish you fine doctors at Stanford a windfall of positive results!


Calling all underactive bladder patients! 

 Stanford Biodesign is an innovative program located in the heart of Silicon Valley focused on solving meaningful clinical needs. Our team, composed of engineers and physicians, has a mission of helping patients with underactive/neurogenic bladder. Patients are at the heart of innovation – it is their need for better solutions that is driving us forward.


Therefore, we are looking to talk to you about your experiences to understand the issues of day-to-day management of your bladder. In return, we may be able to help you become one of the first patients who is finally free of self-catheterization. 


If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with underactive/neurogenic bladder and is interested in helping advance underactive/neurogenic bladder research, please send an email to with a subject “UAB research” and we will take it from there. Come be a part of helping the thousands of other individuals with this condition.



The Stanford biodesign fellows

Mike Carchia, MD

Véronique Peiffer, PhD

Craig Stauffer, MD

Rich Timm, MS


3 Responses to “Calling all Underactive Bladder Patients!”

  1. Reply Marilyn McMurray

    Stanford is an amazing hospital with phynominal physicians. When they put together a team, it’s a team that you, the patient, are a vital part of. Twice I’ve been a part of their team. Both times with over the top satisfaction and better than expected results. This opportunity could very well be the answer to someones prayers.
    Trudy, mainly your sister’s prayers!❤

  2. Reply Kerrie

    Thank you for the info! I just emailed them…..will keep you posted. Maybe this is the newest thing. I did try the inflow device. Was not really suited for me. I am way to active. The remote control was huge. There was really nothing desecrate about it. Plus it made a god awful noise when using the device which made using the bathroom in a public place even worse. A 6 inch cath and a wipe were much easier to carry inconspicuously!

  3. Reply Enid

    Hi JoAnne,

    Just wanted to let you know that I finally reviewed your book on Amazon. Sorry for the delay! Hope you’re well, and I cannot say it enough: Thank you. -Enid

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