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Hi Trudy!
I am in my forties and female. I have been struggling for some time now with learning self Catheterization  I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I have found that learning self Catheterization has brought up issues that I thought I had dealt with years ago. Is there anyone out there that has been in the same position?. What has helped you to get past it and finally be successful?

I have contacted you before and am still struggling. I have found your book to be truly inspirational and in my world my bible. I refer to it over and over. I have recommended it to all of the healthcare professionals. I have been blessed to know you.

My Reply

You cannot imagine how encouraging your email is to me.  Like you I have a neurogenic bladder and these days I do not feel so hot. My urine smells like kerosine and I have not had a ton of energy to write. Thank you so much for your kind words.  I know there is little support for us I am glad what I wrote helps you. 

I could use honest reviews for the book so if you have not done so already I would appreciate a review. When people honestly review the book, others find the book easier.

What exactly are you having problems with? If you put it out as a comment on the blog, perhaps others will answer.  I will for sure.  That way we can help each other. When readers go to the “ask a question” part of the website, I am the only person to see the question but comments to particular blog posts, are seen by all the readers.

Hang in there, I will do the same.  Many do not see our disability. But God does.  He has our backs.

What I find interesting about your experience with an intermittent catheter is that it brings back memories of trauma.  You know in the Book Beyond Embarrassment, I made the same comparison with sexual abuse and self Catheterization .

From Beyond Embarrassment by JoAnne Lake with Julia Parker


“My beloved is mine and I am his. He feedeth among the lilies.”

—Song of Solomon 2:16 (KJV)

Sometimes I wondered if the diagnosis of Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel would ultimately change my marital relationship. Would this disease affect my nerves to the point where I never experienced the bells and whistles of orgasm again? When would the next shoe drop? What would I lose next? Would I lose the ability to weep with pleasure? When my husband got that sparkle in his eye, I wanted to cry. I felt broken and already used.

Perhaps I felt raped by the stupid catheters.

I did not want to traumatize myself further.

My Reply

So you see those thoughts were felt by me as well. Even though using an intermittent catheter helps us, I think we also go through a grieving period. As we learn to cope I think things get better, it has for me anyway.

Another question


Dear friends, how are you?

I would like to know how much water will we suppose to drink during the day. As far as my urologist asked me to make 6 self catheterization each day with at least 400cc, this means to me, to drink a lot of water . I tried to drink less but my urine get strong smell. This is a point I never have clear. Thank you a lot if you could advise me. Have a beautiful day!

My Reply

The best person to ask is your your healthcare professionals because they know the condition of your kidneys and bladder. I found many articles on the subject.

I understand the heart of your question.  Those of us that use an intermittent catheter could win the prize for the most colorful urine.  I get that. Since I am not your doctor I am not qualified to say how much.

I know that staying hydrated is important.

Thanks for the question.  Please report back to us after you have talked to your doctor

Here is an article I found.  There are so many.

I hope we can help each other.

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